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Toddbrook Sailing Club

Sailing in the heart of Whaley Bridge... but currently on tour

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Whilst Toddbrook Reservoir’s under repair, we’re still sailing!

Toddbrook reservoir is still out of action, but we’re still sailing, based between our friends at Errwood and Combs sailing club’s. There’s plenty still going on, between racing, training and social activities.

Feel free to get in touch with us via live chat to find out more, or if you’re interested in joining us on the water!

Our Story

Read about our plotted history over the last few years, with the high’s of opening our new clubhouse, and the low’s of the 2019 dam “incident”.

Sailing Events

We’re planning to run a full calendar of sailing events “on tour” with our frends at Errwood and Combs Sailing Club.


Toddbrook runs, in non pandemic times, an active training program for members and prospective members interested in joining the club.