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We’ve got an active training team at toddbrook, aimed at brining people into sailing and taking part in activites as part of the sailing club. We’re an recognised RYA training center, run by qualified volunteer members. As part of this, we only run a small number of courses through the year, and we aim these at those interested in learning more about sailing, and those interested in joining the club.

Friday Night Juniors

We’re running our ever popular Friday Night’s in 2023, based out of Combs Sailing Club. Due to capacity contrainds, we’re not currently able to take more juniors on currently, but please do get in touch to register your interest!

Adult Beginners Training

Learn to sail! We’re planning to run a couple of RYA Level 1 and 2 courses for those interesed in joining the club throughout the 2021 season, as COVID restrictions ease. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

Powerboat Courses

We run a small number of RYA Powerboat 2 and Saftey Boat courses each year – for our our own members, to learn how to saftely drive our club powerboats.

Day Skipper

This shorebased course teaches the basics of navigation and general coastal theory – it’s aimed towards those who wish to sail on yachts, or adventure wider in dinghys to the sea.

First Aid

Toddbrook run the RYA First Aird course both as part of the RYA instructor pathway and also to member who are interested in learning the basics of first aid, in a marine environment.